Camberley Reel Club

Bracknell & Camberley Reel Clubs Joint Spring Dance - Saturday 23rd March 2024

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7.30 – 11.00 pm
Saturday 23rd March 2024

Carnation Hall, Chavey Down Road, Winkfield Row, Bracknell, Berks RG42 7PA

Dancing to Strathallan


Mrs Stewart's Jig (J)
Shiftin' Bobbins (R)
Gang the Same Gate (S)
The Scallywag (J)
J. B. Milne (R)
S-Locomotion (S)
The Aviator (J)
Portincaple Oak (S/R)
The De'il Amang the Tailors (R)
The Grand March &
Ian Powrie's Farewell to Auchterarder (J)
Ysobel Stewart of Fish Hoek (S)
Scott Meikle (R)
Inchmickery (J)
Slytherin House (S)
Toast to the Mousies (R)
The Paisley Weavers (S)
Seton's Ceilidh Band (J)
The Highland Rambler (R)

Please bring a plate of food to share

Most dances will be walked

FREE Practice Nights

14th March - Bullbrook Community Centre, Bullbrook Row, Bracknell RG12 2NL

19th March - Holy Trinity Church Hall, Fernhill Rd, Camberley, Surrey GU17 9BN

Tickets £17 from

Isabel Black 01344-642104 or 07905-052343
or David McQuillan 07704-756376
Cheques payable to Camberley Reel Club

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Mrs Stewart's Jig 32J

Set, cast, chase; GC; LC; adv&ret, turn

1–8 1C SET, 1W followed by 1M CASTS OFF two places, dances behind 3M and up into 2M place facing down, 1M dances up middle to 2W place and faces down. 2C step up on bars 7 – 8.
9–16 GRAND CHAIN (2C cross RH, 1C change with 3C).
17–24 2C & 1C LADIES CHAIN.
25–32 2C,1C,3C ADVANCE AND RETIRE. 1C TURN RH 1½ times to 2nd place own sides.

Shiftin' Bobbins 32R

X, diag balance, cast up, lead dn; Wheel, all lead dn; All lead up, wheel, 1s lead up, cast, 1/2 fig 8

1–8 1C CROSS, BAL IN LINE with 2C and 3C. 1C CAST UP and LEAD DOWN.
9–16 1W RH ACR with 2M+3M, while 1M LH ACR with 2W+3W. 1C,2C,3C LEAD DOWN.
17–24 3C,2C,1C LEAD UP. 1W LH ACR with 2M+3M, 1M RH ACR with 2W+3W.
25–32 1C LEAD UP, CAST, HALF FIG EIGHT round 2C.

Gang the Same Gate 32S

X cast, X cast; 2 x set & turn cnrs & ½ R4 other cnr; set & link for 3

1–8 1C CROSS RH, CAST two places, CROSS RH, CAST up to 2nd place own side.
9–16 1C SET ADVANCING, TURN 1st corners BH, HALF REEL OF FOUR with 2nd corners. Finish 1M between 2C place facing down, 1W between 3C place facing up.
17–24 1C SET ADVANCING, TURN 2nd corner person BH, HALF REEL OF FOUR with 1st corners. Finish 1C in 2nd place on opposite sides.
25–32 3M+1M+2M, 3W+1W+2W, on opposite sides, SET AND LINK. 3W+1M+3M, across 3rd place, and 2M+1W+2W, across 2nd place, SET AND LINK.

The Scallywag J8x40 3C in 4C set

Cast, 1 1/4 turn LH; Set, turn RH, 1/2 R3 across; Adv&Ret, dance to face 3 crnr pos; Repeat to face up/dn; Set adv, W turns under, Ld up, X, cast.

1-8 1s dance in and cast (2s step up); 1s turn 1Ό LH to face 1st corners
9-16 1s set to corners, turn corner RH to end 1L between 2s facing 2L and 1M between 3s facing 3M.
½ LSh reels of 3 across ending in lines of 3 across facing down/up
17-24 All advance and retire; 1s dance RSh round each other to face 3rd corner positions
25-32 Repeat 9-16 ending with 2s+3s facing in and 1s facing each other up/down
33-40 1s set advancing joining RH, set with Lady turning under Man's arm. 1s face up RH joined, lead up, cross and cast. 213

J. B. Milne 32R

Set & turn (x3), Petronella turn; 1C set & turn/cast while 2C/3C change & set (x3); set

1–8 1M & 2L SET ADVANCING and TURN RH. 1L & 2M repeat.
9–16 1C SET ADVANCING, TURN BH, CAST to 2nd place, PETRONELLA TURN (finish 1M between 3C, 1L between 2C).
17–24 1C SET, TURN Ύ RH (to opp sides), SET, TURN Ύ RH (to ends)
WHILE 2C & 3C change RH on side, SET, CROSS RH, SET.
25–32 1C SET, change RH in middle and CAST (by right) into 2nd place own sides
WHILE 2C & 3C change RH on side, SET and CROSS RH. ALL SET.

S-Locomotion 4x32S

Top W & bottom M pass ptnr, cast, LHA; others rpt (RH); Half R4 sides; Half R3 sides (bottom); Set, X, circles at ends.

1–8 1W, 2W, 3M & 4M PASS ptnrs LSh & CAST 2 pl on opp sides; all M and all W LH ACROSS.
9–16 1M, 2M, 3W & 4W PASS opposite RSh & CAST 2 pl (fin 3,4,1,2 opp sides); 3C+4C & 1C+2C RH ACROSS (fin 3C & 1C facing down, 4C & 2C facing up).
17–24 3C, 4C, 1C, 2C HALF REELS OF FOUR on sides (2s stop in 1st place); 3C, 4C & 1C HALF REELS OF THREE on sides (fin 2,3,4,1 opp sides).
25–32 All SET & CROSS RH, 2C+3C & 4C+1C CIRCLE left.

The Aviator (J8x32) 3C (4C set)

Ld dn, cast up in tandem behind M; 1/2 diag alternating tandem reel, 1L turn 3M; 1/2 diag alt tandem reel, 1M turn 3L; Dance up, round 2s, cast in tandem, all set

1–8 1s lead down; on bar 4 1M crosses partner in front & 1L followed by 1M cast up behind 4M & 3M & across into 2nd place facing 3L (2s step up 3-4).
9–16 1s (1L leading) dance 1/2 alternating tandem reel with 1st corners; 1M continues reel with corners passing 3L LSh while 1L+3M turn LH to face 2L.
17–24 1s (1M leading) dance 1/2 alternating tandem reel with 2nd corners; 1L continues reel with corners passing 2L LSh while 1M+3L turn LH. 1s end in 2nd place opp sides, 1L facing out.
25–32 1s dance up, round 2s by RSh (1L behind 2M, 1M in front 2L) & 1M followed by 1L cast 1 place, across set to end in 2nd place own side (6 bars). All 3 couples set.

Portincaple Oak (Medley S32+R32) Square Set

Strathspey: Interlocking L Chain; Set & turn ptnr RH, set & turn cnr LH; 1/2 Schiehallion Reel; Circle. Rpt in reel time


1–8 1s+3s+2s+4s dance interlocking Ladies’ Chain (Ladies RH across in centre).
9–16 All face partner, set & turn RH; all set & turn corner LH. All end in place, Ladies facing out.
17–24 All dance 8 bars Schiehallion Reel (all moved 2 places clockwise from start position 3 4 2 1)..
25–32 All circle 8H round & back.


33-64 Repeat bars 1-32.

The De'il Amang the Tailors 32R

Set, 1/2 RHA, set, 1/2 LHA; Down middle & back; Allemande; circle

1–8 1C and 2C SET, RH ACROSS half way, set, LH ACROSS back to place.
17–24 1C and 2C ALLEMANDE


The Grand March and
Ian Powrie’s Farewell to Auchterarder 128J Square set

Circle; Women's solo; Promenade; Head cples dance round, set & turn; R4; Fig 8; LHA & home;Sides rpt; Promenade; Mens' solo; Circle.

9-16 W dance in front of ptnr, behind next man, RH ACROSS.
17-24 Repeat with remaining men.
25-32 All PROMENADE clockwise.
33-40 1C & 3C dance round couple on their left and in to face them; SET to and TURN RH.
49-56 1C & 3C FIGURE OF 8 around standing couples.
57-64 1C & 3C LH ACROSS, then return around standing couples.
65-96 2C & 4C repeat bars 33 – 64.
97-104 All PROMENADE anti-clockwise.
105-112 M dance in front of ptnr, behind W on their right, LH ACROSS.
113-120 Repeat with remaining women.

Ysobel Stewart of Fish Hoek (S8x32) 3C (4C set)

Tourbillon; Set adv to 1cnrs & turn BH to lines across, Set adv to 2cnrs & turn BH to 2 pl opp sides; 1C + 3 crnrs 1/2 diag R4, 1C + 4 crnrs 1/2 diag R4; 3 Hands Rnd TO LEFT top & bottom; 6 Hands Rnd TO LEFT, cross

1–8 1s+2s dance the Tourbillon.
9–12 1s set advancing to 1st corners & turn corners 2H into lines of 3 across, 1L between 2s, 1M between 3s.
13–16 1s set advancing to 2nd corners & turn corners 2H to end 1s in 2nd place opp sides.
17–24 1s pass LSh to dance 1/2 diag reel of 4 with 3rd corners, pass LSh to dance 1/2 diag reel of 4 with 4th corners. 1s end in 2nd place own sides.
25–30 1L+3s (at top) & 1M with 2s (at bottom) dance 3H round to Left (3 bars), 1s drop LH and 1L leads 3s down Ladies' side, 1M leads 2s up Men's side into circle 6H 1/2 round to Left. 2 (1) 3
31–32 1s cross RH to own sides. 2 1 3

Scott Meikle 4x32R

X, cast, 1/2 fig 8; RHA, LHA; Tandem reels acr; 1/2 R+L, turn

1–8 1s cross RH, cast to 2nd place & dance 1/2 fig of 8 round 2s.
9–16 1s+3s dance RH across & LH back.
17–24 1L followed by 3L (dancing as one) dance reel of 3 across with 2s (1L ends 3rd pl) WHILE 3M followed by 1M reel of 3 with 4s (3M to 2nd pl).
25–32 1s+4s dance 1/2 R&L and turn partners RH 1 1/2 times.

Inchmickery (J5x32) 5C set

1s circle w 2s & cast to 3pl; Teapots w 3s & 4s; Turn end cpls RH, pass RSh, other end cpls LH; Cast to 5 pl, circle w 5s

1–8 1s+2s circle 4H round to left, 1s dance in & cast to 3rd place.
9–16 1s dance RH across (1L with 3s & 1M with 4s), pass RSh & dance LH across with other couple 2 3 1 4 5.
17–24 1L+2M (at top) also 1M+5L (at bottom) turn RH, 1s pass RSh & 1L+5M (at bottom) also 1M+2L (at top) turn LH (1s end 3rd place own side).
25–32 1s dance in & cast to 5th place, 5s+1s circle 4H round to right. 2 3 4 5 1.

Slytherin House (S8x32) 3C (4C set)

1s & 2s Set & Link, circle; Cast & dance round crnrs, turn; Half teapot; Snake Pass; Other half teapot; Shake Pass

1–8 1s+2s Set+Link; circle 4H round to Left 2 1 3.
9–16 1s pull back RSh & cast round 3rd corner (Man up/Lady down), pass LSh in centre & dance LSh round 1st corner (6 bars) 1s turn 3/4 LH to end in centre 1M below 1L, facing opp sides.
17-20 1L+2s & 1M+3s dance RH across.
21-24 "Snake Pass": 1L followed by 2L & 2M, 1M followed by 3M & 3L, pass LSh in the middle, dance out to the side, down to 3rd/up to 1st place, cross to own side and cast up/down to 2nd place in middle, RSh to RSh facing opp sides.
25-28 1M+3s (at top) & 1L+2s (at bottom) dance LH across.
29-32 Repeat "Snake Pass" with dancers passing RSh in middle & all finish on sides 2 1 3.

Toast to the Mousies (R8x32) 3C (4C set)

Long cast down round 2s & up round 3s; Teapots, end facing up and down; Arches; R3 across L up M down, all set

1–8 1s dance in & cast 1 place (2s step up), dance down between 3s & cast up to 2nd place.
9–16 2s+1L also 1M+3s dance RH across & 1s pass RSh to dance LH across with other couple, 1s end back to back in the middle (1M facing up, 1L down) facing 2s/3s (2s facing down, 3s up NHJ).
17-20 All set, 2s & 3s make arches, dance down/up to meet as 1s dance under arches. Finish 1M in 1st place, 1L in 3rd place (facing down/up) & 2s & 3s back to back in middle NHJ (2s facing up, 3s down).
21-24 All set, 2s & 3s making arches dance to ends & cast into reel while 1s dance under arch passing LSh and finish between end couple facing 1st crnr.
25–32 2s+1L also 1M+3s dance LSh reels across (2s+3s make loops into the reel) to end 2 1 3. All set.

Note: after 2nd time through 1s may repeat bars 1-4 to get to 4th place.

The Paisley Weavers (S3x32) 3C set

2s start on opposite sides

X dn RH, cast down round 3s, X up RH, cast up round 2s; Grand Chain; Ladies Chain; 1/2 R+L w 2s, 1/2 R+L w 3s

1–8 1s cross down RH & cast down behind 3s, cross up RH & cast up round 2s.
9–16 1s+2s+3s dance Grand Chain, 1M & 2M face out.
17–24 1s+2s dance Ladies' Chain.
25–32 1s+2s dance 1/2 R&L (Men polite turns), 1s+3s dance 1/2 R&L.

Seton's Ceilidh Band 4x64J

Weave down; R3 sides; weave up; R3 sides; X, cast, balance with corners; 1/2 R+Ls working down; all turn

1–8 1C cross RH, cast, dance down between 3C, behind 4C to finish in 4th place (2C, 3C & 4C step up as 1C pass).
9–16 1C, 4C & 3C reel of three on sides (1C dance bet 4C to begin).
17–24 Repeat bars 1 – 8 from 4th position facing up.
25–32 1C, 2C & 3C reel of three on sides (1C dance bet 2C to begin).
33–36 1C cross RH, cast, give RH to partner, LH to corner ready for balance in line.
37–48 Balance in line with 1st corners, turn RH to 2nd corner, balance in line with 2nd corners, cast down behind 3C, give RH to partner and lead up, cross over to 1st place own side facing down.
49–52 1C half rights and lefts with 2C, giving RH on the side to begin.
53–60 Repeat twice more with 3C and 4C (all finish on opposite sides).
61–64 All turn RH 1½ times.

The Highland Rambler 40R

Long cast, RHA (3C); LHA (2C), cast up & dance dn in tandem; Down & up in 3s; Cast & cross in tandem, turn; Circle

1–8 1C dance in towards each other, cast off one place, 1C & 3C RH across (no twirl at end for 1W).
9–16 1C & 2C LH across (1C finish facing W side). 1W foll by 1M cast up round 2W and dance down middle. Finish 1W between 3C, 1M between 2C.
17–24 Down middle in 3s and up again.
25–32 1M foll by 1W cast off to 2nd place on W side, cross to M side, pull Rsh back to face partner. 1C turn RH (finish 2nd place own sides).
25–32 2C, 1C, 3C six hands round and back.

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