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This page contains dance instructions starting with our own dance, The Camberley Reel, which was devised for our 40th Anniversary Ball. Please try it and let us know what you think! Following that comes The Floral Robertson Rant, as demonstrated by the Committee at our End of Season Party 2003.

Camberley Coronation Reel The Camberley Reel The Floral Robertson Rant Burns' Night Spring Dance

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Camberley Coronation Reel
4 x 48 bar Reel (4C set)

1s long-fig8; RHAs, LHAs; Circles; 1s dn+up; W chase; M chase

1–8 1s dance down between 2s and 3s behind 4s, up in front of 4s and 3s & behind 2s back to place.
9–16 1s+2s also 3s+4s dance RH across & LH back.
17–24 1s+2s also 3s+4s circle 4H round & back.
25–32 1s slip step down the room & back up to 4th place.
33-40 2L followed by 3L+4L+1L dance across (with hands joined), down behind Men & up own side.
41-48 2M followed by 3M+4M+1M dance across (with hands joined), down behind Ladies & up own side.

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The Camberley Reel
(4 x 32 bar Reel)

Quick Crib: All set, turn, cast up/down, half LHA in middle; Double interlocking R4; Set & turn cnrs; Ends half fig 8.

1-8 ALL SET to partners, TURN partners RH. 1C and 4C CAST to centre as 2C and 3C LEAD to ends. 1C and 4C dance LEFT HANDS ACROSS half way to face corners, 1M faces 3W, 1W faces 3M, 4M faces 2W, 4W faces 2M.
9-20 DOUBLE INTERLOCKING REELS OF FOUR, giving R shoulders to corners to start, and dancing LH ACROSS half way in middle when passing L shoulders. Finish facing corners.
21-24 SET to corners, and TURN corners by the hand that takes 1C and 4C out through the ends and in at the sides.
25-32 1C dance HALF FIGURE OF EIGHT round 3C to own side, as 4C dance HALF FIGURE OF EIGHT round 2C to own side. ALL TURN partners RH once round in 4 bars.

Recommended music: The Craigellachie Band, 'After the Chord', CD6, track 4.

The Camberley Reel was devised by our President from 1989 to 2002, Jim Adams, to commemorate the 40th anniversary of Camberley Reel Club, which was celebrated in September 2000.

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The Floral Robertson Rant

A square dance for eight dancers and eight coloured hankies held cornerwise.  Devised by Margret and David Talbot and demonstrated by the Committee at the "Flower Power" End of Season Party 2003.  With apologies to the original version, which follows.

The Floral Robertson Rant   Strathspey 80+   Square Set

Quick Crib: Circle 8 & back; ladies chain; heads reel 4; Hanky 5; set & turn cnrs; Hanky 4; sides reel 4; set & turn cnrs; Hanky 4; ladies circle L, set & turn ptnr; Hanky 5;  M repeat R; Hanky 4; chain; allemande.

Tape counter
...not bars
  Music Notes
0-1 Bow & Curtsey crescendo
2-5 Eight hands round and back crescendo
6-9 Women dance right hands across half way; turn opposite man with left hands; dance right hands across to place and turn partner with left hands f
10-13 1C and 3C reel of four across; women passing left shoulders with each other crescendo
14-16              Hanky – 5 bars  
17-20 All set to corners with highland schottische; turn with both hands twice.  
21-22              Hanky – 4 bars crescendo – ta ta ta ta
23-26 2C and 4C repeat reel and setting to corners ff
21-22              Hanky – 4 bars  
26-28 Women circle four hands round to left; set to partners and turn with both hands.  
29-31             Hanky – 5 bars  
32-36 Men circle four hands round to right, set to partners and turn with both hands, finish in place to p . . .
43-44             Hanky – 4 bars  
45-50 Grand chain, one hand per bar f
51-56 Promenade in allemande hold  

Hanky movement: waving hanky aloft, turn simple (right shoulder back) using a high skipping step.

Recommended Music: The Floral Dance (Brighouse and Rasterick Brass Band) - with or without Sir Terry Wogan.

The Robertson Rant    Strathspey 80 bars    Square Set    Book 39 (Original)

17-24 1C and 3C REEL OF FOUR. Finish facing corners.
25-32 ALL SET to corners Highland Schottische, TURN BH twice.
33-48 2C and 4C REPEAT bars 17-32.
49-56 W FOUR HANDS ROUND TO L, SET to and TURN partners.
57-64 M FOUR HANDS ROUND TO R, SET to and TURN partners.
73-80 ALLEMANDE round the set.

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Did you know…? Triumph is the only dance which has a pousette done by one couple only… the first couple travel down the middle of the dance from top to bottom of the set [rather than] finish with the ordinary pousette for, as an old Highlander said, “Ye canna go on being triumphant.”

Jean C. Milligan ‘Won’t you Join the Dance’

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