Camberley Reel Club




The Library contains a selection of articles related to Scottish Country Dancing.  If you have any interesting material which we could include, please send it to us.


About the Kilt

'After the initial shock of a skirling attack by “the ladies from Hell”, the first question... was usually: “Do they wear something under them?”...'  The history and making of the kilt.


Auld Lang Syne

'Should auld acquaintance be forgot And never brought to mind?...' Burns' song and an English translation.


Being an MC

'Musings on the Art of being an MC at regular club dances, by a Dancing Addict' & 'The Art of being an M.C. at a Ball'


The Frank Reid Scottish Dance Band

'Frank Reid was born in Glasgow and has been playing Scottish Dance Music on the accordion since he was 15...' The band who regularly play for our Spring Ball.


Flower of Scotland

'Oh, Flower of Scotland, When will we see your like again...'



'Fair fa' your honest, sonsie face, Great chietain o' the puddin'-race!...'  everything you wanted to know about haggis, and some you didn't.



The Immortal Mortal

'The time of year is quickly approaching when we will be wearing our best bib and tucker to attend some grand Burns celebration...'  The life and influence of Robbie Burns.


Kilt Stockings

'Cast on 90 sts, 30 on each of three needles...'  Instructions for knitting your own kilt hose.


Manual Labour

Whatever possessed me I shall never really know' - our Chairman's thoughts on learning to teach Scottish Country Dancing.


The MC: an Asset or Necessary Evil?

‘He who pays the piper…’  Thoughts on the role of the MC.



'The manners and elegance of Scottish dancing come from the French Court...'  A short history of the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society.


Running a Band

'I sometimes wonder when I sit up on stage playing for a dance whether people actually realise what goes into running a band...' An insight into the view from the stage.