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By I. H. Fyfe,  Crewe 1981

Using 4 ply fingering ‘COURTELLON’ by WENDY WOOLS: Sets of 4 needles 12’s, 13’s, 14’s (adjustable), Cable Pin.

Cast on 90 sts, 30 on each of three needles.  Work 4 Rounds of K1 P1 Rib.

Work patterned top as follows ** 1st Round: K6 P4 to end of round.  Repeat this round three times more.  4th Round: Pattern (see below).  5th & 6th Rounds: as 1st Round. **: Repeat from ** to ** six times (adjustable).

Work 20 Rounds in K1 P1 Rib (adj).  Turn work inside out to reverse fabric.  Proceed in K4 P2 Rib for 30 Rounds (adj).

Decreases for Leg shaping 1st Round: K4 P2 K2 tog, work in Rib to last 4 sts of round K2 tog t.b.l. P2.

Work 6 Rounds (adj) in Rib without shaping.  Continue decreasing once at beginning and once at end of round (outside panel of P2 K4 P2) in next and every following 7th Round (adj) until 78 sts remain.  Continue in K4 P2 Rib without shaping for 30 rounds (adj).

Commence Heel K22, slip last 18 sts of round onto other end of same needle (40 sts for heel).  Divide remaining sts onto two needles and leave for instep.

Next part of work on smaller needles for a neat fit: Work 27 rows on heel sts in alternate Purl and Plain always slipping 1st st. and knitting last st. on every row.

Turn Heel K26, Slip 1, K1, psso. turn: Purl 13, P2 tog, turn: *K13, Slip 1, K1, psso, turn: P13, P2 tog, turn.

Repeat from * until all sts are worked onto one needle.  Knit back 7 sts (thus completing heel).  Slip all instep sts onto one needle again (38 sts).  Taking another needle knit remaining 7 heel sts and knit up 16 sts from side of heel: knit across 2nd needle in K4 P2 Rib: With 3rd needle knit up 16 sts from other side of heel and remaining 7 sts (sts now 23 – 38 – 23)

Shape Instep *** 1st Round knit plain on 1st and 3rd needles, work in Rib on 2nd needle.  2nd round knit plain to last 3 sts of 1st needle, K2 tog K1, work in Rib across 2nd needle, on 3rd needle K1, K2 tog, t.b.l., knit plain to end of needle.  3rd Round – as 1st Round. ***

Repeat from *** to *** three times (number of round between decreases adj).  Continue without shaping until toe shapings reached (Variable number of rounds here – 45 – 50 or 55).

Shape for Toe 1st Round – knit plain to last 3 sts of 1st needle K2 tog K1, on 2nd needle K1 K2 tog t.b.l. knit plain to last 3 sts K2 tog K1, on 3rd needle K1 K2 tog t.b.l. knit plain to end of needle.  2nd Round – knit plain.  Repeat these two rounds until 28 sts remain.  Knit sts of 1st needle on to end of 3rd needle.  Cast off sts from two needles together or graft sts.

Pattern Round for Top
A.  Worked over 6 knit sts.  Cable 3/3
.  Slip 3 sts on to cable pin and leave at back of work: knit next 3 sts then 3 sts from cable pin.
Or B.  Worked over 6 knit sts.  Double Cable
.  Slip 1 sts on to cable pin and bring to front, knit next 2 sts, then 1 sts from cable pin.  Slip next 2 sts onto cable pin, take to back, knit 1 sts then the 2 sts from the cable pin.